i draw sometimes and make music sometimes. i think it's good!
unfortunately i have a job now and i don't really have my shit together beyond that.
i would like this place to be an actual portfolio/gallery/archive at some point, but websites are hard.

i've been here:

twitter, priv (i want to leave! it's not good for me. unsure what to do with all that i've put up, though...)
soundcloud (i think i'm okay at music now.)
cohost (i like the climate there but, haven't made any Chosts yet... it's like a new sketchbook! nervous), priv (voidposting here now. thanks assc)
main tumblr (older art + music up to 2014. got flagged. no longer posting, but i still check my dash)
art tumblr (unused since 2015)
music tumblr (unused since 2015)
mastodon (unused, would migrate to a smaller, more focused instance if i wasn't afraid of being part of a "community" instead of Just Some Weird Cat)

words are the most difficult thing. to be given any is a kindness.
let me know if you need anything. i'll see what i can do. i'd like to help.


last updated tuesday, march 28th, 2023